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Are you missing out on one of the world’s most generous financial incentive programs that might be right at your fingertips? The SR&ED program is the largest single source of federal government support for research and development, accounting for about 25% of all federal spending. Private and public corporations, individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships and trusts are eligible to apply for SR&ED.

At AMH Chartered Professional Accountant, we do not charge any front-end fees or retainers. Our fees would be calculated as a percentage of the successful claim amount, once it has been received by you. If the claim does not qualify, you will not be billed for any of our services! Therefore, we assume 100% of the risk!

To find out more about a specific service, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

We will meet with you to screen and identify projects in order to decide whether you will meet the eligibility requirements of the SR&ED program.

We will further investigate through dealings with the CRA the scope of your prospective claim.

We will guide you in producing the proper and complete documentation of the project from its inception to its conclusion and all the steps in between.

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We will prepare your detailed technical submission report and the necessary tax schedules to be filed with your tax return on the filing deadline or on the amendment.

We will submit your claim on your behalf.

We will assist you in dealing with CRA SR&ED financial and technical reviews (be aware that CRA SR&ED reviewers are not CRA auditors and a potential SR&ED audit will not automatically trigger a tax audit).

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