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Tax Audit

At AMH Chartered Professional Accountant, we use the latest computer-based tax preparation software to ensure that every possible tax advantage is considered. Personal tax returns are filed electronically to recover overpaid taxes as quickly as possible. Corporate returns can be prepared as part of the financial statement preparation process or as a stand-alone service. We also prepare charitable organization tax returns, charitable or Non-Profit GST/HST rebate claims and a variety of other government reports.

Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) imposes certain obligations on non-residents of Canada with respect to reporting various types of income. In addition, immigrants and emigrants to and from Canada have various compliance matters to deal with Canada Revenue Agency. Our team of professionals can assist you in working through the various requirements.

Tax Audit Assistance 
Tax Auditing lies within a complex framework with financial obligations and regulations. Tax audit comes with risks, and requires a high level of knowledge and expertise. Our professional experienced accountants are the trusted advisors you need to oversee your financial reports and help manage your business risks. 

As professional accountants, our focus is on accuracy and tax bill minimization. We can create unique tax-saving strategies to help you and your company save more money on taxes!

No matter what service we provide, we focus on customer service and we help to resolve your needs to the best of our abilities. We not only look at the current situations you are facing but aim to be proactive and offer tips to help your future success.

AMH Accounting and Tax Services provide a full range of Tax Services as noted below. To find out more information on a specific service, please send us an email or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Commodity taxes GST/HST

Corporate tax returns - T2

Filing back taxes

Non-resident or part-time resident tax return

Non-residents rental property tax return preparation

Personal tax returns

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Professional tax return - T5013

Self-employed tax return

Statement of rental activities

Trust & estates tax return

Tax representation with CRA

Tax audit assistance with CRA

Tax payment plans

Taxpayer relief

Tax appeal / notice of objection

Tax planning and compliance for corporations

Tax planning and compliance for self-employed professionals

Tax planning and compliance for individuals

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Tax planning and compliance for non-residents

Voluntary disclosure or VDP

World income return preparation

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